Common Routine Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance is what keeps Ford cars on the roads of Archbold, OH and Defiance, OH. These services are recommended by Ford itself to promote safety, performance, and longevity in its various models.

The Terry Henricks Ford service center is a trusted resource for routine maintenance in northwest Ohio. You can come to us when it comes time for your car's recommended services. Our Ford Factory Certified Technicians are ready to get to work on your car, truck, or SUV.

Oil Change

Your Ford relies on engine oil to lubricate a host of moving parts. Proper engine oil levels keep your engine from overheating and can help prevent parts from wearing down. Engine oil doesn't last forever, though. Every few-thousand miles, you'll need to have the old oil drained out and fresh oil put in. The Terry Henricks Ford service center can easily help you with the task.

Wheel Alignment

Natural driving conditions can sometimes lead to incorrect wheel alignment. In other words, your car's wheels aren't oriented straight and true. This can chew up your tires more quickly and diminish ride quality. Our service center has special equipment that can detect if your wheels are out of equipment. We can quickly and effectively adjust wheel alignment and have you back on the road in no time.

Tire Rotation

Different positions on your car can cause differences in tire wear. For example, your front tires will wear differently from your back tires. To keep tread wear even across the board, it's smart to rotate tire positions regularly. It's typically recommended to get a tire rotation with every other oil change. If you're ready for an oil change on your Ford, just let us know.

Brake Service

Your car's brakes are some of its most important components. Keeping them in good working order is critical the safety of both you and other drivers. Since drivers rely so heavily on brake components, it's no surprise that pads and rotors eventually wear out. It's important to have these components checked frequently to make sure your car is ready to stop when you need it to.

Filling Fluids

A wide variety of fluids are at work inside your vehicle. From transmission fluid to wiper fluid, each one plays an important role. Visit our service center and we'll be able to top off your fluids so you're ready for the next journey near Napoleon, OH or Wauseon.

Transmission Service

Your engine can make great power, but without a transmission in good working condition, you won't be going anywhere. Our team of technicians has specific methods for helping transmissions last longer. They'll know at what mileage your car will need transmission upkeep services.

Other Routine Services

Recommended maintenance varies from model to model, but Terry Henricks Ford can handle it all. We're staffed and equipped to take on a wide array of routine maintenance needs. Whether your car has 10,000 miles or 200,000, we'll be here to take care of it.


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