2019 Ford Ranger

The 2019 Ford Ranger is the midsize pickup truck in the Ford lineup, and it's newest Ford model. In fact, it's all-new for 2019! It filled out a noticeable gap in the Ford truck family, and here at Terry Henricks Ford, we're proud to carry it. It's smaller than the iconic Ford F-150, but it's still rugged and powerful, and we're sure that it will be another classic.

Since the 2019 Ford Ranger is a midsize truck, it's less powerful than the other Ford trucks. However, it's still plenty strong. When it's properly equipped, it can tow up to 7,500 pounds, or it can carry 1,860 pounds. Not too shabby. Since it's smaller than other Ford trucks, it is more maneuverable, as well as more fuel-efficient. It's still a Ford truck down to its core, and that means it embodies rugged reliability.

Interested in how the 2019 Ford Ranger stacks up against its competition? Just check out our Ford Ranger comparison page. Of course, if you'd like to experience the 2019 Ford Ranger for yourself, then come try it out here in Archbold, OH. We'll help you take it for a test drive. We know you'll like it, and you might like it so much that you drive one home!

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