What do your daily endeavors around Archbold consist of? Do you need to do a lot of heavy hauling for work? Whether you are towing heavy materials to and from job sites or you want to hook up that new trailer that you just got so that you can take a family vacation, a new Ford Super Duty is just the new pickup truck that can get all types of jobs done effortlessly! From business to fun, these trucks are truly astounding and full of versatility.

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There are various heavy-duty trucks that you can find in this lineup. From the epic new Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 to the powerful new Ford F-450 Chassis and more, there is a lot to discover within this selection of strong trucks. It is undeniable the capability that Ford Super Duty trucks have, and with such towing strength and power, you also have your option of choosing between gas or diesel powertrains to get the performance that you are looking for.

Each truck gets crafted with remarkable reliability due to its aluminum alloy body and durable, strong axles, as well as has assistive features that can give you more confidence while towing. For instance, you can get a clear view behind your truck with the available Trailer Reverse Guidance. And with all of the hard work that your vehicle may endure, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System can come in handy to be sure that your truck’s tires have the right inflation.

Are you interested in buying or leasing a new Ford Super Duty truck? We welcome you to explore our available models, and visit us at Terry Henricks Ford for a test drive today!

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